It all began with a quest for the best British all-day breakfast and eggs benedict in town. We are always passionate about and on the search to bring quintessentially yet trendy British flavours to our dining tables.
Modelled off the eclectic vibe of London’s Brick Lane, in 2011, the first BRICK LANE served our first Eggs Benedict to our first guest. Since then, we have come a long way and have enjoyed every moment we spend with our guests.

Today, we have expanded our services to not only serving all-day breakfasts but a full suite of British fare on the menu, from breakfast to pub classics to succulent steaks. We have developed our professional catering team that can support any event, from weddings to corporate conventions to private parties. We have built a friendly community of staff working together to serve a common goal.

And our shared goal is simple: to serve delicious and affordable British food to our guests in a welcoming and comfy environment.