Sly ‘Escape?’ art exhibition @ BRICK LANE Gallery

Sly exhibition at BRICK LANE Gallery


Sly exhibition at BRICK LANE Gallery
About Sly – Sly is a Hong Kong painter who is noted for her combination of realistic portraits and stylised expressionism paintings. Primarily focusing on female form, and having created a series of unique portraits that explore timeless notions of desire, Sly makes use of a variety of contemporary oil pastel techniques and a subtle mastery of style and colours, which has become an increasingly recognisable style of hers. In her works, Sly strives to illustrate that every female, regardless of how she presents herself on the appearance, is a kind of beauty in her own way, albeit sadly, not being recognized as so by the society at large at times.

– 2014?Defines Beauty?exhibition – Room 608

– 2015?Damsel?exhibition – Hillywood

– 2016?Attached/Detached?- Heaven Please