Celebrate Mother's Day at HK's BRICK LANE: Treat Mum to a Free Perfect Dinner

roast game hen with sauce and side vegetables

Discover the Perfect Mother's Day Brunch and Dinner in Hong Kong at BRICK LANE

This Mother’s Day, elevate your celebration with an exquisite dining experience at BRICK LANE, one of Hong Kong’s premier dining destinations. It’s the ideal way to express your gratitude and love with a memorable dinner in the heart of Hong Kong.

Why BRICK LANE for Your Mother's Day Celebration?

BRICK LANE is renowned for crafting unforgettable dining experiences that blend culinary excellence with a warm, inviting atmosphere. This Mother’s Day, we’ve tailored a special menu that beautifully combines elegance with comforting flavours, ensuring every mum feels appreciated and pampered.

From the moment you enter our stylishly decorated restaurants, the celebration begins. Our chefs have meticulously prepared a range of dishes that cater to diverse tastes, using only the finest ingredients to guarantee a meal that is as delightful as it is memorable.

Delight Mum to the Best British Brunch in Town for Mother’s Day

At BRICK LANE, our reputation for serving the best British all-day breakfast in Hong Kong shines brightly, especially during our special Mother’s Day Brunch. Celebrate this special day by indulging in our acclaimed Eggs Benedicts, often hailed as the best in town, or choose from an array of classic British all-day breakfast staples and gastropub fare that promises to satisfy every palate. Our Brunch is a perfect way to start Mother’s Day on a high note, offering a taste of London right here in Hong Kong.

Indulge Mum in a Luxurious Mother's Day Dinner and She Eats Free!

Treat Mum to a truly exceptional evening on Mother’s Day while she eats free when accompanied by three other paying family members!

Our specially curated Mother’s Day Set Dinner Menu allows the family to share good food and have fun.

Begin with a Starter: Choose from a selection of appetisers that set the stage for the culinary delights to follow. Each choice is designed to tantalise the taste buds and prepare them for the main course.

Savour the Main Course: Our Mother’s Day menu features a variety of main dishes, each with its own distinctive blend of flavours and expertly matched with side dishes that enhance the overall dining experience.

End with a Dessert: Conclude your meal on a sweet note with our decadent desserts, paired perfectly with tea and coffee.

Make Mother's Day Unforgettable at BRICK LANE

At BRICK LANE, we’re not just serving meals; we’re creating lasting memories. This Mother’s Day, we invite you to make your celebration extraordinary. Let us provide the perfect backdrop, exceptional cuisine, and impeccable service to make this Mother’s Day unforgettable.

Book your table now for a spectacular Mother’s Day brunch or dinner in Hong Kong at BRICK LANE. Spaces are limited, and early reservations are recommended to ensure you don’t miss out on this special occasion. Celebrate this Mother’s Day at BRICK LANE, where every meal is a masterpiece and every family gathering is cherished.

The Perfect Creative Gift for Mum

Yet, the surprises at BRICK LANE don’t just end at the dining table. We have a Mother’s Day present idea for you too. Diners who purchase our Mother’s Day Dinner Set will also receive a special $100 discount for a 2-hour painting class at Studio 83. With the regular price being $300, this is your chance to create a heartfelt and personal gift for mum. Imagine the grin that lights up your mother’s face when presented with a unique masterpiece infused with your creativity and love.

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