BRICK LANE Picnic Hampers: Enjoy Chef-Prepared Meals in the Outdoor

Discover the Beauty of Hong Kong with BRICK LANE's Premium Picnic Hampers

Hong Kong’s allure stretches beyond its iconic skyscrapers and bustling markets. The city’s charming parks and tranquil outdoor spaces offer a refreshing escape from the urban frenzy. They serve as a serene retreat from the city’s bustling rhythm, offering a refreshing respite to city dwellers. For those who seek to explore these peaceful havens, BRICK LANE presents the perfect companion – our gourmet Picnic Hampers. Designed with thoughtfulness and packed with love, these hampers provide the ideal way to experience Hong Kong’s great outdoors.

Simplified Picnicking – Relish the Moment, Forget the Hassle

Picnics are synonymous with relaxation and enjoyment. They should be about feeling the grass beneath your feet, hearing the rustle of leaves, and soaking in the sunshine, not about the stress of planning, preparing, and packing. Understanding this, BRICK LANE takes away the tedious aspects of picnicking.

Our gourmet Picnic Hampers come filled with delightful treats and necessary gear, eliminating the need for preparation and the burden of post-picnic cleanup. We handle the details so you can focus on creating beautiful memories.

Gourmet Treats for Every Taste

A picnic isn’t just about the location – it’s about the food, too! Our hampers cater to different party sizes, from an intimate date for two to a lively gathering of friends or family. Each hamper is brimming with various culinary delights, carefully curated to please every palate.

Whether it’s the refreshing salad, the hearty roast chicken, the selection of gourmet sandwiches or the cheese and charcuterie board, every item in our hampers is prepared with fresh ingredients, ensuring a gastronomic experience that matches the beauty of your surroundings.

Comprehensive Picnic Gear for a Perfect Outing

Anticipating your every need, we at BRICK LANE have curated our Picnic Hampers with delightful food and all the essential gear for a perfect picnic. You don’t need to sweat the small stuff; we’ve already considered everything for you. Our hampers come fully equipped with a classic picnic basket, a comfortable picnic blanket, elegant wine glasses to add a touch of sophistication and a comprehensive set of stainless steel tableware. For those seeking to enhance their picnic experience, we offer optional extras like a picnic tent, chairs, and camping lights as part of our gear rental that allows you to transform a simple picnic into a luxurious outdoor soiree.

Convenient Pick-Up Locations City-wide

To make your picnic experience as seamless as possible, we’ve set up pick-up points at all BRICK LANE and affiliated branches across Hong Kong. No matter where your preferred picnic spot is, grabbing your favourite picnic hamper is just a short detour away.

Embrace the Outdoors Any Time of the Year

Thanks to Hong Kong’s temperate climate, picnics are not confined to the summer months. Our Picnic Hampers are available throughout the year, allowing you to enjoy al fresco dining whenever you wish. Whether it’s the cool breeze of spring, the bright sunshine of summer, the colourful foliage of autumn or the crisp air of winter, any day could be a perfect picnic day with our hampers.

Experience the joys of a well-planned, hassle-free picnic with BRICK LANE’s gourmet Picnic Hampers. Bid farewell to the stress of preparation and cleanup, and enjoy dining outdoors. Place your order now and get ready to savour the pristine beauty of Hong Kong’s outdoors like never before.